Areas of Practice

We’re often told that we’re “not typical lawyers” and it’s true. Your case is not just business; it’s your life, your family, your well-being… Attorney Foley has dedicated her entire career working working exclusively in immigration and nationality matters. We are a firm that understands your hopes and fears and will see you through! Foley Immigration Law provides attorney representation in all manner of immigration and nationality matters, including but not limited to:


Whether coming to the US for business, pleasure, or to marry one’s true love, most foreign nationals need a visa to enter.

Green Cards

Someone that isn’t a US Citizen whose goal is to live and work in the US permanently will want to obtain lawful permanent resident status commonly known as a green card.

Deportation Defense

Attorney Foley has been fighting for the rights of immigrants facing deportation (currently called “removal proceedings” in legal terms) since 2004.

Helping Survivors of Abuse and Exploitation

If you have been harmed or mistreated, the US Immigration law offers hope and independence from the abuser.

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